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Being out of money before payday can be frustrating. What can you do?

  • Talk to family or friends about a loan or co-signing on a loan.
  • Arrange overdraft protection from your bank.
  • Take a cash advance from your major credit card.
  • Put together a payroll advance from your employer.
  • Stop by the local cash advance store, apply for a loan and get the cash you need to cover bills. (Once approved you may get cash in your pocket, direct deposit of money or a shiny new debit card for another bank account)
  • Apply online for a payday loan from National Cash - Be approved instantly - Get money within minutes* - and get on with life!

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  • Direct Deposit - Money to your bank account
  • Easy Repayment - Direct Debit - No Cheques
  • No Explanation - Not our business why you need cash
  1. Apply Online Here.
  2. Applications are reviewed and you are notified immediately.
  3. Cash is put in your current bank account right away*
  4. On payday you pay the loan fee by pre authorized payment
  5. To change payment amount or borrow more cash you go online or give us a call.

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