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Canadian Payday Loan Software

The Need: 

Payday Loan Origination, Servicing and Administration Software

At National Cash clients apply for and access their payday loan account online. All online. Only online.

Therefore the search for updated payday loan software started with the limitations of our then current platform which was provided by a competitor.

Secure, 24/7 Accessibility, Limited Downtime  Our custom payday loan software had to be safe, secure, accessible and easy to use for clients as well as loan officers.  That is precisely why National Cash partnered with MoneyIQ and Axcess Canada.

Management and staff then took a very close look at even the most basic business processes and regular manual tasks with an eye to make them run more efficiently through business process workflow automation via software.

These workflow processes were visualized and interpreted in intricate detail by the Business Analysts at Axcess Canada and MoneyIQ.  The result was a 12 month development process that looked at the heart of National Cash and the direction of the Canadian payday loan industry.

National Cash management is very proud of the results of our partnership with Axcess Canada and MoneyIQ.  We trust you as a client will be pleased as well. 

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Loan Administration Portal

The Details: Flexible Architecture., CRM Based Loan Administration, Integrated Task Management, Banking Connectivity, Central Client Communication

MoneyIQ provides National Cash with a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) based payday loan origination, servicing and administration software platform.  This SAS (Software As A Service) program provides excellent growth flexibility, variable bandwidth requirements, 24/7 service and support from trained IT and industry professionals as well as the most up to date Microsoft Server software as possible. 

In other words the best loan software available in Canada at lower up front costs with reasonable monthly maintenance fees.

This platform is hosted externally from the National Cash call centre in a secure and redundant environment at the FusePoint data centre.

Loan officers and employees of National Cash have no physical access to the cutting edge clustered server platform as it is maintained independently by the IT professionals at MoneyIQ and Axcess Canada.

Loan officers service payday loan clients from the call centre in a virtual desktop environment via encrypted virtual private networks.  This maintains the penultimate in security with the back up power, back up internet connectivity and catastrophic failure procedures used by the largest financial institutions in North America.

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The Results:

1. Microsoft Server 2008 and Server Cluster  The clustered, load balanced, fully redundant and regularly backed up server platform means National Cash has the minimum of downtime and scales up service automatically the second load increases.  Firewalls, SSL encryption, spyware and antivirus solutions are updated multiple times per day to prevent intrustions and protect data on multiple fronts.

2. Flexible Cash Management Solutions  EFT/ACH files can be created for several financial institutions in Canada and globally on schedule based on predetermined criteria including being limited by security profile permissions.

3. Multi-Level Task Management and Security Profiles  Tasks for specific loans, clients, loan officers, management, groups, collectors, and investors can be managed at any level desired.  Including the ability to group tasks and automate them based on one time and ongoing schedules.

4. One System - Any Loan/Lease Product, Any Time Payday Loans, Consumer Loans, Auto Loans, Auto Leases, Equipment Leases, Home Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages, Lines of Credit.  Any loan product anyone can think of now, or in the future, can be originated and serviced by the loan administration software developed for us by MoneyIQ and Axcess Canada.

5. Debit/Credit Files, Payment Gateways, Reloadable Cards, Alternate Payments. Ready Now  The loan administration platform can manage automated debit/credit file creation, payment gateway connectivity, manual payment reception via email money transfer, cheques, cash, and any other method available.

6. Centralized, Secure Electronic Document Management  Multiple document types can be created, imported, exported, emailed, uploaded, downloaded, faxed and stored within the loan administration software platform. This eliminates entirely the process of storing paper based hard copy documents within the National Cash call centre.

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